Michael’s update

As many know, Michael went to an institution to give Lisa and I our first official respite from him.  After they have  him and looking at his living options for when he becomes an adult whether Supported Apartment Living (like Lisa and I did as jobs in College). But after many meetings and assessments, they have  Michael just functions too low for him to manage his own apartment.  He has been formally accepted to permanent residence in on of WA State Institutions.  Right now he is in Yakima and that is temporary b/c that facility is for individuals with severe medical and mental disabilities.  So we are hoping he will be placed at the facility outside Seattle so we can see him regularly.  The other choice is the facility outside of Spokane in Cheney.  That obviously wouldn’t be our first choice because of the distance.  We will keep you all informed when we know where and when his final institution is chosen.  the good things also is that if he improves.. he could end up in a staffed apartment setting… just going from the apartment setting back to institution is almost unheard of.  So we are going cautiously and asking a lot of questions because this is all very new to Lisa and I.

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