Another message from Rosie

for anyone who wants to think that she is just too busy of a celebrity to care.. then read the following – she is human.  for those that want to compare her to other Gays is crazy we are not all the same just like all blue eyed people are not the same.  She and her partner Kelli are amazing to reach out to us in our time of need and Katie, David, Danielle and myself are thankful

 sent via email: by Rosie O’Donnell


i keep looking at the photo of kel and ur beautiful kids wishing i had a way to help u all thru this horrible hurt life 

it never goes as expected 

there are such painful moments 

and also such joy 

i was touched to learn u both work with kids 

i think lisa and i look alike 

i bet we would have been friends

i am so sad about the hospital 

not allowing u  to b together

i should not b shocked 

but i am 

over and over again 

how we r treated in the USA 


i hope 2 one day tell lisas story 

her life and death 

when it wont be so painful for ur family 

know i am thinking of u 

holding u in my heart 



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