Cris Williamson writes to the family – Enjoy!

Janice — Cris’ email was sent on 2/28 — but here it is again —Dear Janice and danielle, david, katie & michael…I just want to send my heartfelt sorrow to all of you. I can only imagine how it must be for all of you…and just imagining is too much. It surely must be too much to bear for all of you, yet bear it you must, and will, and somehow, all of you will hold each other throughout this Passage of Grief and one day, you will come out the other side. Lisa will watch over you all, I am certain…I send you all my best…Cris

What you need to understand is that Lisa has been singing Cris Williamson songs since she was a little girl scout.  Sister and Song of the Soul where GS favorites.  It was always Lisa’s dream to see Cris in concert as Fate would have it – Cris came to Seattle last September to do a 30th anniversary tour of her album Changer and the Changed – the cassette Lisa played till it fell apart and I replaced it with a CD.  I worked quietly behind the scenes to surprise Lisa and got 3rd row Center seats at Cris’ concert with a meet and greet.  Lisa was in awe and rarely had dry eyes during the concert because she had been listening to Cris’ music since she was 13yrs old.  It was a true dream come true.. Cris’ music brought much joy to our relationship, our kids and Lisa passed the torch on to her troop by introducing them to the same songs she sang at Timber Trails and teaching the girls to use sign language. 

So I’m in awe that Cris would write to our family on 2/28/07, how she found out I’m not entirely sure.. but it is so wonderful that she wrote to us.  Next time she’s in town.. the kids and I will go see her and I’ll pass her beautiful music on to them.

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