musical rooms

Well in a few days I’ll have pics of the girls rooms all done.  Katie is now in her own room, Danielle has her own room and peace has been restored :).  I know I haven’t updated the blog = sorry for that.  Last weekend, Lisa’s dad came out for Grandparent’s day at Olympia Waldorf (katie/david’s school) and may faire.  Don had a great time going to David’s soccer game, Katie’s volleyball game and going to visit Michael at fircrest.

The next two weeks are crazy with David compete in the Waldorf School Olympiad – I can’t attend because the competition is an hour or more north of seattle and I work this weekend, but I’m letting David use my old Sony CamCorder to record what goes on – so we will try to get some fill up at the end of the event.  Katie attends Potlach 3 days next week – which is a large get to-gether with several other Waldorf schools on Whidbey Island.  It’s a rite of passage for the Grade 4 class.

Danielle and David are officially 1/8 of inch shorter than I according to the doctor – yikes.  Danielle did run in the 4X100 relay on Tuesday and did very well even with a partially separated toenail.  She’s a trooper.!

I’ll try to get pictures up soon so you can see the latest of what the kids are up to.  Peace to all.

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