A Letter from the Heart Recipient


Dear Janice,

I am writing in reply to your letter regarding my heart transplant from your beloved mother and friend, Lisa.  We are deeply sorrowed over your loss, but rest assured, Lisa is living on in each of our lives and our families as well.  We are so glad you want to have contact with us.  We truly want to express our gratitude and keep in touch.  We both are registered to be donors, being a recipient makes the donor program even closer to our hearts.

I am a 57 year old male residing in North Florida.  I am a retired veteran of the US Navy after 23 years.  After my military career I worked as an auto parts store manager until I went into heart failure after open heart surgery in 2001.  I enjoy sports, played baseball, softball, basketball, bowled and watched a lot of football.  Coached youth bowling, coached and umpired youth softball, baseball.

We have two children that have blessed us with six grandchildren: Christian, Chandler, Tyson, Trace, Trinity and Chloe, ages 10 to 4.  Prior to my transplant I was unable to work or actively interact with our grandchildren.  Thanks to Lisa’s gift of life I have been given the blessing to live on to enjoy being a husband, father, brother, brother in law and see our grandchildren grow.  We have truly been blessed through Lisa’s desire to help others in need.

Through Lisa’s gift, the willing of our GOD, and therapy I am doing extremely well and getting back to a normal life.  I would also like to have direct contact and get to know you and your family.  I am sorry I cannot give you my contact information because of the guidelines of Life Quest.  I will get my personal information to you as soon as permissible.  Please correspond through the donor program as often as you desire and I will do the same.



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