Sunday Fun

Well took the kids quad riding again.  Please notice David started out with a white shirt.. he hasn’t gotten that going through puddles up to his knees are going to ruin his clothes.  Everyone had something to do today.  Kathy/Bob and I were able to get the kids to go up the mountain with an incredible view of the Olympics at the top.. kids had a fun jump course where they could practice their skills.  Now we are packing.. ugh.. for the kids to be gone till middle of August.  First we go to NYC, Don is meeting us there to show us around.  Rosie has put us in a nice hotel, dinner and Wicked is Thursday and Lion King is on Friday.  We board with uncle kelly and aunt bill with their two kids.. and we sail away to the south for 7days.  Kids then head to the cape with Uncle Michael and Uncle Timmy.  They are gone till August 14th.. Bob and Kathy and their girls fly out to the Cape for the first time and will bring them home for me.  Enjoy the pics.. peace


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