she is me, i am her

missing my lisa, like every day
she is channeled through me today – get the house clean!
always threatening that if things didn’t get done – no trick or treating
she never meant it, because the first stop is always the Governor’s mansion

Danielle finally too old she says – she is handing out the candy this year
Katie a cat again, David – the grim reaper. I have never liked halloween,
it was Lisa’s holiday to celebrate with the kids, but I will channel her
and do my best

no one felt like decorating this year, not even Danielle – I got it all out and they
all said “not this year”. so I don’t push it, let them find their way
We have Thanksgiving and Christmas the hardest ones to find our way still

Sunday coming to a close, house is respectable, lunches packed, backpacks ready
reading time done, strings time practiced
outdoor soccer season all done
indoor soccer games begin this saturday
Komachin BBall tryouts soon

she speaks to me and I try to listen, she is me and I am her

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