6 days

well, hmmm… the neurosurgery clinic called had a 2pm opening in the OR tomorrow.  So with extreme anxiety, I’m going back in for another (#5) glycerol rhizotomy on my trigeminal nerve before my surgeon retires on Friday.  hopefully all bases covered, once again thanks to friends and the waldorf community.  The kids are all staying with friends tomorrow night b/c I won’t be home till about 8 or 9pm.  A mother of a child in David’s class is staying the night with me tomorrow night to make sure I have nausea meds, and don’t get too sick and if I need help.  Between Shawnte and Waldorf, everything was handled in literally 20 minutes.  I can’t believe this gracious community I live in that is so willing to help out. 

I have usually waited nearly a year between procedures because it so traumatic to me and painful, but this time I don’t have that luxury.  So 2pm is my OR time, I’m not staying the night, I’ll be back home by about 8 or so tomorrow night and will hope and pray that it works this time.


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