ringing in the new year

so 2008 is here.

The kids went with the Bowens and several other families to Snoqualmie Pass to go sledding (the bowen’s youngest daughter’s bday is 1/1) so it’s become a yearly tradition to go sledding on 12/31.  The kids and I hung out on New Years day, did some shopping ate out thanks to a gift card from Lisa school – Woodland Elem.  Danielle is back in school – start on wednesday.  Waldorf is still out till monday.  The hectic life really begins again starting Sunday with David and Katie both having bball practice, starting back to school on monday, Danielle has a game monday night and on and on till I leave for NYC on 1/12 to meet and receive media training from GLAAD.  Bball games start for D/K next weekend also.  I’m still hoping to return to work on 1/16 and waiting on seeing my surgeon next Wednesday about my Trigeminal Neuralgia and the next surgical option of severing the nerve.

So ready or not – we are ready for re-entry.


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