Silence – what is there to say?

a year ago today in about 12 hrs we all lost a precious person who meant many things to many of us.  over the past year i have thanked those that have gotten me through this horrendous year.  I don’t know if it will get easier given my MS and now my serious back problem.  but endure i must for the fragile souls that lisa molded and passed on to make it the rest of the way.

So if your are reading the blog today and monday, president’s day, lisa lost consciousness by 3:33pm ET on Sunday and was pronounced brain dead at 10:45am on Monday – so during one of those times, please stop for a moment of silence and thank God that he gave Lisa to all of us for even the short she was here.  Was it her love of her family and me and all the foster children we took in. Her strong desire to carry on Girl Scouts to her own two girls.  Maybe it was the friendship she showed you and expected nothing in return. 

maybe it is the for living individuals including Jerry who received her heart, that all received longer chances of life.

But I would have to say over the past year without my life partner, her legacy is Michael, Danielle, David, Katie and Rose = 5 souls that at the time the stars lined up so that she and I could be their parents. 

All of us have holes in our hearts where lisa should be, but we know someday, that hole will be refilled on our reunion day.  We love you Lisa and will never stop


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