The Girls

The girls are having an amazing time with Aunt Marilyn and Scarlett in the Bay Area.  They had front row seats to Jesus Christ Superstar (my sister is the director).  Katie said going back stage was fun and she learned how to make stage blood – now that will come in handy.  My sister posted a bunch of phots on her flicker.. so I just copied them to our families flickr.  I am glad I let the girls go even though I couldn’t.  David and I have been doing some light cleaning and we were going to go to a movie tonight but my back just couldn’t handle it, so maybe tomorrow.  The girls get in around 5pm tomorrow. 

While in San Fran with my sister and my brother Gary, Katie actually ran into Autumn from her class at Waldorf – now what are the odds of that? 

Also Ann my cyber friend and her son Tim, were still able to make it to the show even though I didn’t come – the idea was finally to meet my cyber friend.  Her pic is up there too – and my sister Marilyn took it without realizing it was Ann who she also got tickets for.  The first pic is the girls with Aunt Marilyn (my oldest sister) and the second is the girls in San Fran



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