perfection on earth

ahh.. now where would i find that.. not las vegas you would think.. but yes here at Caesars palace, with Bette Midler’s show tonight as I wind my way around the noisy and annoying slot machines, the card tables I’m clueless about and the other gambling devices.  Slight – side note the only time I did slot machines Lisa and I were in Reno with her family after just skiing in Tahoe and as I would win at the slots lisa would take all my winnings.. then give me back only 1/4 of what I had won.. so every time I got more coins, she was my banker.. so our small little 5 dollars grew till $25 till I ran out of quarters, but we were still ahead thanks to her.

oh yes so why is the place heavenly because as you block out all the gambling sounds, there is her voice singing all her best stuff – Bette of course – ahh if I could sit there in the gambling floor and just listen but I know they have paid tons of money to get me to come come here to gamble away our money – I came to filled with the orange of Bette’s music and then go home, that’s it – yes some shirts or what not for the kids but that’s it.. so yep as I wait for my sis to arrive, i’m laying down on an ice pack for my back.  So much for luring me into doing a behavior that is suppose to be so easy to be lured too.. maybe so if your back doesn’t hurt so bad.


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