hi bloggers, i am amazed at the number of people who keep up with the family through the blog… thank you.  A big thanks to myanna and marilyn who came to take care of the kids and marilyn being in hospital during i think the scariest surgery every.

i am slowly healing, i can lay flat on my incision now for15 mins at a time which is great = i couldn’t do that last week at all without screaming.  myanna kept the house in order and the kids loved her (they had never met her before she came to sea tac);  she obviously could see the immense pain i was in and surgery was only answer to fix my back.  Marilyn, dropped everything to be by my side which I was told would be one night – ending up to be 3 b/c the dura of the spinal cord was nicked during surgery b/c the disc exploded so severe through my spinal cord.  the hospital was so painful and was realived to get home to my famililiar surroundings and our kids.  I still have 3 discs out of buldging but they should go back into place as i heal.  so that is good news.  I get slightly stronger each day, the pain goes down each day,  i am grateful.  lisa’s mom and dad are here till the 11th to take care of all the kids’ needs.  I am to rest,  move my legs so not to get blood clots.  Monday I get my stitches out.  i stil have to be careful because of the nick of the dura of the spinal cord inside and I will do what ever I’l told not to go back under the knife to have it patched or drained.

I So appreciate all your thoughts and prayers, i feel them. thank you.


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