lilacs at night

one of lisa’s favorite’s – lilacs – they are in blooms on the tree she planted 10yrs ago and blooms in her angel garden we took a few down to her niche.  everyone wanted to go – we all know what lilacs mean to mom

2008 05 20_0371 

looked around at so much left untouched now -the coffee pot, our robes on the back of the bathroom.  it’s late, my favorite time to kiss the kids goodnight when whey are are already in slumber.. Danielle has her new kitten curled up tight to her, David and Katie – as usual – windows wide open” b/c they are hot” – they are not it’s just them.  kiss them too – neither stir.

Now I have to find that magical way to find slumber.  I do everything under the sun, read, listen to classical music, hypnosis, none works for long because I’m sure she is there to make the plans for the next day.  you will never be forgotten or your lilacs



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