20 yrs plus

20yrs this month – we became friends

though she knew me since the december before

she “disliked me” as a student – my A in human cadavar lab to her D

then we took summer Biology together and studied hard – she did better than I

off to camp and home – me to camp easter seals her to CT and Timber Trails one last time

spent the entire next year always together with our Kelly

Skiing at Lake Kachess, studying psych – her getting a 105% on the final, me just at 100%

late nights at E-9, UPS housing, my housing w/ the Stockstads, all was so good, fresh and new

Worked on the “trail”, Head Justice of the Honor Court, she in Luau on and on, different interest yet becoming one over that year

Then the whisper started – “they are a couple” no not yet, we didn’t know what we were thinking, feeling – just close best friends – then

then, then – 19yrs ago – it was true and real – we became a couple, living in our new apartment together

love flourished, beauty, orange and green, pure bliss

that bliss went on for years and years, as with any couples we hit rough spots – especially as we had 52 kids in and out

bought her  first dog – a sheepdog – Kachess, had our first daughter Rose and on and on we grew

she unwaverly supported me through two yes TWO Master’s degrees – 5+ years of graduate work, never easy for her

we adopted beautiful, soulful children so proud, she decided “i’m staying home to raise them – no more daycare”

on just my social work salary we did it somehow, happy always in the light of each other

she was a saint before death on 2/19/07, no need to cannonize her after death as grief books say we do

she was one before that and everyone who was touched by her agrees – no one EVER could fill her shoes

not me by far, we are different people but we were committed, loved, respected and had fun with each other

so though our 19yr anniversary is fast approaching – we knew each other longer than even that

thank you sweetie for who you are, for teaching me who i was and always, always being there

we (the kids and I) miss you every day and pray you help us continue to heal

you gave life to jerry and others – so unselfishly – the body is a vessel she believed – her soul was gone her body meant nothing

in the end – do what you want to help others – live and learn – her motto in life and death – truly

i love you always, peace


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