in our lifetime

it’s with joy and sorrow as I watch many of our friend getting married or about to.  kelly and bill – Belly will marry on june 17th in CA now that it’s legal.  NY just issued a statement they will honor all marriages foreign and home.  Amazing.  Lisa and I thought it was a huge deal she could be on my insurance while she stayed home to raise the kids – that was the most we thought we would see – we never thought in our lifetime but we figured in our children’s lifetime – gays would be allowed to marry.  The only thing that is bittersweet as I celebrate the joy with Belly and I’m guessing my sister will follow – is that lisa is not here to get married.. but we had our holy union before God – to us that was very important – we would only marry to ensure spousal benefits – rather than make a statement – ah but as we approach our 19th anniversary on june 8th – sadly SSI doesn’t recognize me as her spouse, her death cert says she was single and any forms I fill out I have to put single – rather than widowed.  But those of you that pass through know the truth and I find comfort in that. peace

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