17 months today (7.18.08)

while walking through PTown, sweltering in the humidity – not a moment lost to the thought that 17months ago today, this minute the kids and I were pacing at Jackson Memorial as Lisa’s soul slipped away. yes the pain fades at time but other times it is sharper than ever.
The kids truly look like they are having fun, all 3 have found a group of “cruise friends” to hang with. David is even getting up and doing Karaoke (only b/c Tony makes him he says). Katie is playing with Chels O and running with a bunch of 11 and 12yo and Danielle the usual shy one has found a bunch of girls her age and has enjoyed the teen program much more this time.

None of it escapes up being on vacation, being on the Rfamily cruise all without Lisa. It is all there at the front of our mind – but we do our best to find some joy.

Next Year’s cruise is out of Vancouver BC on July 5 up to Alaska. Good likelihood we will be on that one too.. it’s just a way of honoring our loss.

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