Blazers all the way

David and Katie have been doing amazing at football. Both coaches are impressed with their attention, committment and heart. Both will be starts on Sunday in the Jamboree. Where they play 20mins of offense, 20mins of defense against 2 other teams in the league. Katie weighs in for the season at 1:30 and games start at 2:30 for her, David weighs in at 3:30 and starts at 4:30 – The weigh in is because at their ages they have to be under a certain wt. to be ball carriers. Which doesn’t affect them David is playing offensive RT guard and Defensive LF guard. Katie plays R Tackle on offense and RTackle on Defense.

Big D starts practicing for soccer on monday. she does condition in the morning and then practice in the afternoon – 5 days a week. School starts Sept 3rd.

Some may have heard but the State of WA – has decided to disability separate me from employement due to my disabilities. The kids know I have retired.. but those close to me know what this all means to us as a family.

Met with Greg from LAMBDA atlanta office yesterday – very nice guy (for an attorney) just kidding Greg.


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