indian summers

beautiful day and night, sitting sidelines watching the kids practicing and i’m blogging so beware i’ll wander in this i’m sure b/c i have nothing but 2.5 hours on my hands right now.

so is that still a p.c term.. don’t know but that is what september is always like in washingtoneastern or western.. didn’t matter – always my favorite month.. temperature perfect.. a nice 75 gentle breeze – spokane leaves will be starting to turn.. the smell of new shoes and new booksthe excitement of starting back.. always was and may still may be my favorite.

football 4-5 nights a week for 2 hours is challenging on top of high school soccer 5 nights a week – danielle’s away game – means she won’t be home till after 9:30pm tomorrow – she is getting older for sure.

we are settling into a routine, a quarterly change of chore list, so everyone can hate something and choose something and be mom’s helper one night a week – their choice.

sitting at football in the sun tonight – team pictures tonight, individuals tomorrow – katie doesn’t need a comb for her hair tonight – helmets on tonight. she is the only girl on her team and in her Blazer’s league and one of only 3 in the program of probably 500 kids. I’m proud of her trying.. I hear david’s coach yelling encouragement to him.. “good hit david” – my gentle soul – pondering is it ok to hit someone else – it is so against his nature to “want” to hurt someone he doesn’t know – his sisters are a different story.

danielle is doing well in high school, she is nervous that i’ll be volunteering with the gay/straight alliance.. i’m stepping on her and “other mom’s” territory of me being in the “her” school. But i know high school too well, i know the pitfalls, i almost remember high school days better than college days. so yes i will volunteer in her school – in my own way. i’m back covering the waldorf office during staff meetings on tuesdays.

katie is enjoying her new found status as a “middle-schooler” at waldor (6,7,8 is middle school there) – public is (only 7,8 and forgive me if I call it junior high b/c that is what it was at Sacajawea in spokane). She is trying hard to assert her place and status there – they all had the ortho today before school was out, so it was beautiful to sneak in and listen to the waldorf middle school choir – all the voices raised together – david’s voice is getting so low – he received his tenor recorder today which made kate slightly jealous and eager to learn.. but i have to keep her grounded working on the some basics – her breadth of knowledge surprises me at times.. like knowing hte 5 olympic rings are colored represent the 5 continents and the colors represent all nations flags. Danielle tried to dispute it but agreed there is no pink or purple that she could think of on a nations flag but did ask – so when did Antarctica send a team? she’s right. those are our daily banters in the car with all three.

Aunt marilyn called yesterday – couldn’t reach me but called danielle- so sweet to think to do that. Danielle was finishing her first game they won 1-zero. talked to papa briefly today and they are thinking of coming out near halloween for there usual fall visit – nothing firm yet.

i have pics to post but on my mac i don’t have a picture card slot, so hopefully they will be up tonight. Have I rambled enough? Next monday/tuesday K/D with waldorf school are going to Cispus the outdoor adventure challenge course (ropes course) lisa loved camp and doing that – and her love pushed me to become an instructor early in my State career at Green Hill with the male juvenile felons. Suppodesly it meant they had to learn to trust each other but as the only female instructor out there -at a much lighter weight of 110lbs when the boy – some 21yrs old and I only 23 would belay off the high course – their weight would actually pull me in the air and I would have to have another instructor or one of the “boys” hold my belay belt and kneel to keep me on the ground so I could bring down boys 200lbs plus.. it wasn’t strength it was a simple physics problem and pulley system.. 110lbs goes up when 200+comes down.

enough for now – you probably fell asleep anyway.


the lp family

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