40 comes and 40 goes

yep so turned 40 yesterday – thanks to all the bday wishes from far and wide. The hardest I think is for my siblings they are 46 (almost 47), 49, 50 and 51. I was my youngest brother’s show-n-tell in first grade.. I am the true “baby” of the family – and finally, finally one sib admitted it’s hard to think of me as the baby anymore. Most of the 4 raised me. My oldest sister – I went to High School with her because there was no daycare in that time or preschool – or ones my newly divorce mom could afford – so I remember at 5 drawing pictures for her teachers and being called “rabbit” by her classmates. I’m even in her senior high school yearbook. Sadly a year ago this week we lost our mom to a painful and short battle with cancer. We lost our father about 15 months before that. So it’s the 5 Langbehn children – all very different – on politics – 2 straight, 3 gay, all with very very different careers. Hard to believe we were all the product of the same parents – and I know should we all find ourselves together in the same room – I will still be the baby of the family – I always will be whether I am 40 or 60. It is fine by me – it’s worked well for 40 years.


One thought on “40 comes and 40 goes

  1. Samantha

    Happy birthday! I turned 40 a week ago Monday. Weird indeed. Even so I am one of the youngest ones where I work as all but myself and the ED are retired folks, up to age 91. So, so what if I’m celebrating my 27th birthday for the 13th time? (-:

    I hope that you have a good 40th year and that they keep getting better.

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