the final season

ER – final season

one that Lisa and I watched faithfully every thursday night

dr. pratt – not necessarily one of our favorites

died tonight on the show

how he died isn’t important – but by his bedside was his brother and all the nurses and doctors that worked with him

all there holding his hand and helping him over to the other side

he was an organ donor – glad that NBC didn’t gloss over that – that lives can be saved – he saved 3

so – many are lost everyday – some who are amazing people and we are all left to wonder why?

god bless those that pass on and a special blessing to those that are brave enough to pass on life


One thought on “the final season

  1. Samantha

    I used to watch ER every Thursday too. I teared up when Dr. Green died.

    (PS, even though I never cared for Dr. Kovacs, I donate to Doctors Without Borders because of that storyline of him and Carter in Africa – it happens I stopped watching after that season).

    I remember an episode when a patient of Dr. Lewis’ died and she talked to the mother, or maybe it was his wife, about permitting organ donation. The way she did it was to list all of the people that would be helped by each organ, like “two people would be helped by his kidneys.” I remember being surprised that one liver could help like 11 people. I don’t remember if they got to a point in the script where the woman said okay but at least the implication that she would was there.

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