For my Wife – documentary

I had heard of Charlene Strong and her Partner Kate in December 2006 – and lisa and I were horrified that Kate was trapped in her basement during that horrible storm we had over that week – and as the basement flooded Kate was brought out nearly lifeless by firefighters.. Charlene followed the ambulance to Harborview or largest medical hospital and trauma center in seattle.  Charlene was denied access to be with Kate until a relative (blood) was reached in virginia.. and then charlene was allowed in to be with her wife and hold her hand and help her pass on.  I met Charlene just about 4 months after Lisa’s death and have emailed and seen her at other events.  She has now produced a documentary about her wife Kate, the passing of WA state’s Domestic Partnership Law – which Charlene was the lighting rod for – and in getting it passed.  I am fortunate to know her.  She knows our story – and though those doing her piece felt our story would be wonderful to add – the lawsuit hadn’t been filed and there was still so much work to do around what happened to us – because we didn’t get the opportunity to be together until 8hrs after Lisa’s admission.  So I would suggest all who can – at least watch the trailer of “for my wife” and if you have a chance to see it or meet Charlene – she is one of kind.  Peace

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