the kids

Danielle is doing very well academically in high school which is wonderful.  Without being pushy… i’m trying to lay the foundation for her to think of careers and found some that personal inventories for kids her age to see her likes/dislikes – to help her investigate how much more schooling she may need, what the salary is and so on.. she seemed excited about it.

Katie because she played the entire game last week including special teams, had been complaining about point tenderness onher hand – pinky side.  So not wanting to take a chance on a fracture – and she did get stepped on and on the bottom of the pile several times – it is very possible.  Fortunately there is no fracture but the doc put her in a 1/2 cast anyway b/c of the pain, to protect it and let it heal.. if it still hurts next week – more xrays to see if the fracture would only show up once it’s healing.

David is doing well, math in school is going well for him but reading and writing continue to be huge struggle.  


The next big day on the lawsuit is October 13th (the day after what would have been our17th holy union anniversary) for the hospital to respond to our amended petition in relation to their motion to dismiss.  so we will see.  Thanks to all on facebook – especialy LCHS class of 86 for jumping on the bandwagon and signing the “in case of an emergency” petition to be given to the president.


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