Obama, Biden and Palin all agree

it’s true they have said – that same sex couple deserve to have visitation rights! so there you go wasn’t so painful was it.  GLAAD did a whole blog piece an Charlene Strong and our family’s story.  Click on


here is a small piece of their blog – but go to it to get all the other info:

One component of protections for same-sex couples that both candidates agreed on was the necessity for couples to be able to visit one another in the hospital. This is an issue that we here at GLAAD have been extensively involved with, working closely to help tell the stories of two women who were denied hospital visitation when their partners were dying.

Janice Langbehn and Charlene Strong both agree that marriage protections for same-sex couples are necessary to prevent any more couples from going through the heart wrenching experiences they did when their partners were hospitalized.

Janice Langbehn’s story was chronicled in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. She and her partner of 20 years, Lisa Pond, were set to depart on a cruise from Miami with their 4 children in 2007 when Lisa suffered a major brain aneurysm and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital, where, as the Chronicle describes:

Administrators refused to let Langbehn into the Pond’s hospital room. A social worker told them they were in an “anti-gay city and state.”

GLAAD worked with Janice to help her share her family’s story, and Janice wrote about their experience in the Advocate. Janice described the precautions she and Lisa had taken, expecting to be protected in a situation like the one they found themselves in:

We took every precaution, including signing advanced directives and durable powers of attorney. We tucked them away in our files in case my condition should worsen, but being denied access to my partner in the hospital? This was backward—this should not be happening.

Their legal documents did not help Janice and her children when they found themselves in the hospital, unable to see Lisa as she died.



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