sleepless in seattle

17 years ago it was because I was about to take my vows before God that Lisa – my soulmate who I would love and protect in sickness and health.

A year ago because I was getting ready to speak in front of hollywood types -including Jamie Lee Curits – about a very personal event in our lives

last night – simply because i was alone. 

Katie unfortunately lost her game – her small team of only 15 players is just running out of steam with no real breaks and times they can be on the side lines during a drive of plays, but a good learning experience.

David’s team fight so hard, up 12 point right away, the other team scored, kicked the point after (which is 2 pts in our league) so sat at 8 to 12 for a long time.. until we intercepted and scored a touchedown and the point after – so David’s team advances in the playoffs.  Katie’s team has a bye next week and then one more game… David keeps playing until there is a loss – but there isn’t going to be.. it’s like they hit their stride. 

Kids are unaware that today is Lisa and my 17th anniversary of our holy union – it was long before we were foster parents or had them.  we are going to dinner and a cheap movie – just so I can escape..and who knows maybe finally get a little sleep.  I still miss Lisa all the time, Got up early fixed the kids pancakes and bacon like she would have so it was all waiting for when they got up.  They loved it – so chores went well, homework is all done, and they had plenty of time to play in our cool crisp and dry air here. 


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