in the process of cleaning out old computer disks I found the one that friends copied of when I was on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Yes, I was.  I entered an online contest on her website in September 2005.  would you believe she called me the night before my bday on 9/21/05 – and said you won you need to come to LA – so begging Lisa to come with me – because she had just started a new job and didn’t want to miss work.  So the phone call aired on 9/22/05, then showed me on the show on 9/23 and then had to come back on Monday 9/25 to see if I would win and Lexus SUV.  Too funny – Lisa didn’t want to take a second day off of work.. so I brough Katie with me.  So as soon as the You Tube clip is up, I’ll link it.  I only have the one that shows I didn’t win the Lexus.  But pretty fun memories.  Katie got the gold treatement – she was too young to be in the audience so they assigned a PA to her and she was in the control room while I was in the audience, was allowed to play in Ellen’s office etc (katie was in 3rd grade).    So a blast from the past when an if I edited it well enough and it gets up on YouTube.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


more about “ellentv“, posted with vodpod



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