This week the Gay/Lesbian Medical Association has been in Seattle.  I am just well enough to go up tomorrow to speak at a plenary and also the gala event where LAMBDA is receiving an award.  I thought speaking in front of hollywood and Jamie Lee Curtis was out of my comfort zone – this one takes the cake.  Lisa and my doc has wished me well and said it’s important for the medical community to know what happened to us.  the info can be found at

Here is the GALA dinner piece:


Part of the 26th Annual Conference of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.


Come celebrate the close of GLMA’s 26th Annual Conference and the 2008 GLMA Achievement Awards. You’ll enjoy a cruise on Seattle’s Elliot Bay with incredible views, music, entertainment, and an elegant buffet.

This year’s Achievement Award recipients are:

  • Kaiser Permanente, for its dedication to training healthcare professionals to provide quality and compassionate care
  • Lambda Legal, for its accomplishments fighting healthcare discrimination
  • Judith Bradford, PhD, for her contributions to increasing our understanding of LGBT healthcare disparities

You’ll also hear from special guest Janice Langbehn. One year ago, Lisa Pond, Janice’s partner of 18 years, suffered a brain aneurysm and was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. The hospital told Janice and her family that they were “in an anti-gay city and state” and prevented them from seeing Lisa until right before she died. Janice is now suing the hospital with representation from Lambda Legal.

Healthcare discrimination against LGBT individuals and families is still a serious problem. Come to the Gala to support GLMA’s efforts to ensure equality in healthcare for all.

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