through our eyes

they came so far since August 1st

some days we don’t know if we can do it as a family

other days we push the grief aside and push ahead

in just 8 weeks, one started high school, i amazingly have reconnected

with many from HS who I didn’t even think knew my name

our little one tried a new sport – Katie only on of 3 girls out of 600 playing tackle football

david – playing with boys that have been playing since they were 7 – learning something so new

2 hour practices for all of them – 5 nights a week – much different then maybe the hour a week through the Y teams

they all grew and blossomed – like the flowers that are changing in lisa’s angel garden

life still is never easy – new friends have entered my life – CB who I can’t thank enough for her frienship and just willingness to listen – first person since lisa willing to sit with me during my long periods of get IV’s and actually take my mind off the pain and misery of being so sick

speaking last night at the GLMA – wtihout my speech in front of me – I don’t need it, I lived it with every fiber of my being I still live those life defining moments at Jackson Memorial in Miami.  So I gave my speech just like I did a year – this time to a room of MD’s and others – and looking out at these individuals who I view as so stoic – they deliver “bad” news everyday” they were crying over how we treated – and once again, I have to face the reality that after I get a standing ovation for “the speech” I don’t have Lisa to call and “hey it went well”.  that’s is what I miss most – is having her call me and me her over the litest things like my speeding ticket today (thanks Lacey Police) or David such close lose in the Championship game (6 to Zero).

so the leaves are changing, the wind is starting to blow, the rains will start soon and lightness of day is very little. 

As with any family we had good times, highlights and hard times but as a mother of amazing children I have nothing, nothing to complain about.  They are beautiful and healthy – isn’t that what all parents want.  I never qualify coments about the kids that they were drug exposed or HIV exposed because that is not how they think of themselves. 

so they you are – it is us – through our eye – or a glimpse of it.

Peace – and please please vote – in california NO on Prop 8 and in Florida No on Amendment 2 –

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