LAMBDA’s ON Going petition drive for fairness in Healthcare

Lambda Legal





Sign Lambda Legal’s Pride 2008 Healthcare Petition

Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond were ready to depart on a family cruise with their children when tragedy struck. Lisa collapsed and was rushed to a Miami hospital. At the hospital, Janice was told she was in an antigay state and kept from seeing her partner of 20 years. Lisa lay dying alone with her family just feet away in the next room.   

We’re suing the hospital on Janice’s behalf. We’re also calling on the next President of the United States to create a health care plan that ensures fair treatment for LGBT people and people with HIV in hospitals and health care settings. 

Help us get 10,000 signatures on our petition, and we’ll deliver them to the new President soon after the election in November! Sign the petition on our website today, and learn more about Langbehn v. Jackson Memorial Hospital.

  1. This is an ongoing pledge that should be fulfilled as often as possible.

**Better post to come once I can work w/ the LAMBDA site and my little blog** be patient

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