our baby

many of you all know we got the call to come get katie when she was 26days old and Lisa picked her up from the seattle office when she was 27 days old.  I can still close my eyes and picture her in the little strawberry onies outfit I had picked out.  I still can smell the baby lotion (at least the amount she didn’t eat) that made her smell goreous.  she’s so much bigger today.  I received an email from one of her football coaches and though I didn’t ask if I could use his words – i’m going to b/c it just shows you the potential anyone has – if they put their heart in the right place.

From Katie’s Coach – Hey, Katie could not have asked for a better situation.  My son, really enjoyed this season as well.  This is his 3rd year playing tackle football.  My son would rather be on an 0-7 team and play a lot versus being on a 7-0 team and play a little.  My son came home happy after every game (even when he hurt his shoulder).  He said this was his best year ever and he loved having Katie on his team.  She really held her own and we are so proud of her.  The biggest compliment paid to Katie was in our last game and it came from a referee.  He requested that I tell the “young man” on the right side of the defensive line he is lining up off side.  I immediately corrected him and informed him of the fact she is a “young lady.”  He stated he was impressed.  At this level of football it is more important to play as many downs as possible.  Katie really took advantage of this situation.  Had she been on a winning team with more players, Katie and my son would have seen less playing time.  I bet they would not be as happy.  

So there you go our little tiny girl, can hold her own, even missing her one mom terribly.  She’s made huge strides this year in school, getting work done, paying attention and fostering her friendships.  She is like the rudder of the family – helps us stay the course.  Sometimes – many times it gets rocky or windy or scary  – the our 3 amazing souls that Lisa has left me to raise we find our way.  I am beyond blessed to having them in my life.    The only thing that could make it complete would be to have Lisa here witnessing it too. Peace

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