on facebook several said don’t give up hope on prop 8 or amendment 2 – “only a few precints have counted” but here I wake up at 4am and see that Amendment 2 passed – to change the florida constitution to include DOMA language. And sadly Prop 8 also “losing” – reversing the ruling ealier which allowed my sister and scarlett to get married as well as bill and kelly and even Ellen Degeneres and Portia – all for not now. How can those two states – go “blue” yet not support true equality for all citizens. sad just truly sad

One thought on “sadly

  1. autumn

    i have alot of feelings about prop 8. i contributed time and money to the 8 agianst 8. and now, for nothing. i feel that people want change, but not real change. not the life defing change that is so needed. they say that change is what they want, only if it benifits them. but in reality, all they want is to be creatures of habit and not allow anything that might not benifit them. a bunch of BS

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