Tracy Chapman

sometimes artists come along and touch us – either visually or through sound.  for me Bette Midler can always do that.  For Lisa and I early out of college – one that used to grab us and we would turn up the CD to clean the house was Tracy Chapman – her sophomore album wasn’t the best but we liked it anyway.  Her freshman CD though – “talking about a revolution”, “fast car” or “behind the wall” we couldn’t help but sing along – now she is out with a new album next tuesday – OUR BRIGHT FUTURE – I rarely watch Jay Leno – but had to hear her sing – go get it bloggers, her sound catches you and holds you – her voice so distinct.  Beyond amazing, I can’t wait for the whole album to be released and I’m sure I’ll find a video to do to some song on it. Enjoy


One thought on “Tracy Chapman

  1. autumn

    i absolutely love tracy chapman!!!!! i heard her song on the way home from arkansas, and i just fell in love!!!! one of my fav. musical artists by far. she puts so much emotion into it. amazing!!!

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