the little things in life

Veterans Day – kids are home from school – and I remind them that we have the day off to pay tribute to those that have served – so thank you to Skip, Tim and Sue in our family that have all served in the Air Force.

Then Danielle off to our one of our orthodontist (katie and david see the one across the street now).  I wait in the car, it gets old and there is no cell reception.. An hour ticks by and then here comes danielle smiling ear to ear skipping to the car – she got her bottom braces off today!  she was beyond excited and should get her tops off next week.  As we pulled out – i had to think back to her gum surgery that was horrific before she could get her braces on.  How I took her to the consult and nearly passed out at the grossness of the surgery.. how lisa took her to the surgery because I knew she wouldn’t pass out driving danielle home if she had to look into her mouth and see the stitches hold a new piece of skin to her gums.  ick – thinking that lisa missed her big girl getting her braces off – and her babies getting theirs on.  seems silly i know – get over it – i tell myself but that is my reality – there is little if nothing we didn’t share over the 18yrs we were together, so this is just one more thing i can’t share with her.  i don’t bring it up with danielle – she is just excited she beat her friend in getting her braces off – and that is all she needs to worry about, she doesn’t need to know that i relate everything to before 2/18/07 and everything after like many of our generation relate things to before 9/11 and after.  it’s those defining moments in our life – personally or collectively.



ps no sooner did I blog then danielle sent out a pic with her braceless – told you it was a momentous day!


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