weekend fun

the kids have been asking to go to the Great Wolfe Lodge about 20mins south of us.  So I allowed them to spend the day at the water park and invite one friend.  They, I believe, had a blast.  they were so tired when we got home, mine took a nap.  Pics will be up shortly as well as pics I didn’t get up of Danielle in soccer.  She starts freshman High School Ball tomorrow.  Not sure how it’s all going to work – here school is being remoldeled and there is only 1 partial gym for all the teams, I expect it will be hectic and she’ll be at other middle and grade schools for practice.  Katie will start with a Saturday clinic this coming week, no word on David where he wil play – for now he will play for Lacey Parks then mid January, he will start with Komachin (since Waldorf doesn’t offer sports, the kids are eligible to play on the public school teams).  Had a good talk with Michael, and working with his staff to drive him down here for thanksgiving.  We will keep our fingers crossed. Peace


the gang

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