UGH the view

why do I still listen to this damn show while cleaning.. I found myself yelling at the stupid 5 (and usually I like whoopi and joy) and throwing socks I just mated at the TV. Joy talked about a friend who is GAY in the hospital and how the partner had to say they was the sister to be allowed in. UGH – and then all five stupid women said but if you just put it on paper – living Will it would be ok. OH NO – thanks for perpetuating the ignorance. Lisa and I had Living Wills and Power of Attorneys that were IGNORED at Jackson Memorial. But please if you are Gay – do make sure that you have a living will and Medical Power of Attorney – I’m not saying ignore that – I’m not a lawyer but probably married individuals should have one – look at the Terry Shiavo case in Florida – or maybe the problem is florida. Regardless, writing it down you stupid 5 doesn’t ensure that gay partners will see each other – or make the medical decision. Maybe in more progressive states it doesn’t matter – but like we found out you don’t only sit at home right? so have your legal paperwork done, regardless of who you love. And gay individuals don’t be shocked when you are denied by those in power – even with the legal paperwork done. Hence why I felt it necessary to reach out to LAMBDA to make sure YOU don’t go through what Lisa and our family did. Peace

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