marriage equality

on sunday, david was my “date” as we headed to vashon island.  Side note – i had not been there since september 1996 – at the end of the first summer after michael moved in we went up there for the holiday weekend to a B and B.  So I wanted to go to see “for my wife” a documentary.  Charlene lost her wife Kate Fleming on 12/14/06 when the horrible storm we had that week had flooded their basement where Kate recorded books on tape.  As Kate was lifted out of the completely flooded basement, Charlene followed to harborview in Seattle and was barred from seeing Kate until reaching a blood relative.  (sound familiar?)

When a relative was reached, Charlene was let in to say goodbye to her wife Kate.. and then just a month later testified before the state committee here in WA looking to pass the WA state domestic partnership registry – which did pass thanks to Charlene’s testimony.   If you ever have the privilege to watch all of the documentary – do.


here is the promo video, enjoy

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