someone else’s life

i scanned in the pics for this movie several weeks ago – and always need a song that i think fits -Josh Radin sings.  these pictures I found in lisa’s night stand about 2 months ago in a small album.  it’s a strange collection – but many firsts were in there.. katie’s and david’s first trip tot he cape.  david walking with papa the first time at skaget beach.  danielle’s first time at the cape.  david and michael sharing their first halloween.  chris’ first trip here – years ago for thanksgiving – chris’ famous (or family famous) – ice cream face at pilgrim lake.  or even before we had danielle she was about 3 – in another foster home and finally convinced the department for michael to meet her – which he did – it’s the pic of them sitting together.  So strange that we would get that little soul about a year later in our / her permanent family.  Skiing at Lake Tahoe, our last trip to Ocean Shores with our first daughter rose – and of course w/ lisa’s love – kachess/heidi our sheepdogs.  The list goes on.  I did add a few newer ones so you could the changes in the kids.. but other than about 3pics.. these are all the ones she had put away in a small single page turning album that had a broken spine.


I’m not sure why lisa had these certain pictures, but i never doubt her wisdom, they wouldn’t all fit in one movie so i will do another soon.  i hope you enjoy as i did, wondering what these meant to her and us as a family.  enjoy – happy thanksgiving all


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