years ago

she was born 15 years ago today,

we did not know of her yet

she was small, dependent and sent home with her birth mom

later she was put in foster care to protect her from the mom that gave her life

she was in her “forever home” when we met her at 3 so she could meet her brother for the first time

strikeningly similiar in every way they where

then the call came in may 1998, “can you take her?”

without hesitation lisa said yes, and i called to increase our foster license

her first 6 months were rough, she spoke so little even at 4 1/2yo

she didn’t see herself in pictures, went to special ed pre-school

then she came into her own, became confident

a beautiful little girl, with long dark hair, incredible brown eyes – all knowing

she is 15 years today and those early years seem both just yesterday and long ago

she is in high school, well grounded, beautiful, confident and we are blessed to

have been called to raise her precious soul

happy birthday danielle

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