some are round, some are square

some are easily pushed, others take effort

some let you cross the street, others stop you in your tracks

we all have them internally and externally

the common human experience are the buttons we push

to call the elevator or to enter a building

or to get a “rise” out of someone and bringing on angst

i don’t hide my buttons well, do you? i forgive easily and expose that big red button again that says “push me” over and over again

others cover their buttons with the plexiglass of “to deal or no deal” that no one can touch but them – how fortunate those humans are

but maybe they are missing and important piece of that common human experience of pushing buttons either internally or externally

kids learn early they want to “push the button” for the elevator – maybe that should be changed, take turns, not push it or just take the stairs

maybe then there would be peace finally


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