thoughts on christmas

The calendar pages change whether we are ready or not

today was no different, regardless of insomnia, a week in the hospital –

the tree was aglow and present sprinkled underneath

the kids are subdued about the holidays now- Thanksgiving and Christmas were Lisa’s favorites

we have lost her love of the holiday that no shiny package can replace – and we all feel it

God blanketed us with snow for Christmas this year

Rarely do we have a white Christmas in Western Washington

so we are thankful for that small surprise this year

we are thankful for Jerry who is the keeper of Lisa’s heart

we are thankful for friends Darlene, Chris, Myanna/Chris, Tim, Martin and all who stepped up

throughout the year when I was to help out when I couldn’t do it all

we are thankful for all the coaches who have taken our kids under their wings and let them soar

As Christmas comes to a close today, none of the kids are making a list of “things” they 

need to rush out and get tomorrow – they seem to no longer need/desire “stuff” like they used to

So now we look to 2009

School and sports are always at the top

Surgery again for me in February to hopefully cure a painful nerve condition

At the same time of our hearts will be heavy – that two years has passed – 2 years

we await the decision of the Judge in Florida in the motion phase

as I listen to the signing Priests and hear of the passing of Eartha Kitt

Each year we hope for a better year than the last, but not me

because without the experiences of the current year how I am to grow as a person

and i remember two sayings that have become mottos for me

the first is “Woman who behave rarely make History” and the second

“We do not remember days, we only remember moments in time”


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