A beautiful letter out of the blue

Today in my email was the following letter.  Thank you Allen and Samuel!  It is letters like these from strangers and friends that help me make it through the hardest of days.

Dear Janice,

                I want to express my apology for not writing this letter before. Honestly I had not heard about it until recently but I feel bad about that because I am so active in fighting for LGBT Equality. It is hard to believe that I had not heard about this until a couple of weeks ago.

                I want to express my sincere condolences on you and your children’s loss and I am so sorry if I bring sadness by saying that now. That would never be my intent.

                I was in tears all the way through reading your blog on http://dancingbear.vox.com/library/post/imagine-having-to-tell-this-storythe-words-of-janice-langbehn.html. Lisa sounds like such a wonderful person and through your story I feel like in some ways I know you and your family because we share a kindred spirit of justness, equality and love for our families.

                You are a truly wonderful and strong person to be able to make yourself and your children so visible in a world that to a large degree still does not understand us. In my heart I know Lisa is so proud of you and the children for your selfless gift and for having the strength to do what you are doing!

                It is you and people like you who will really create the positive change over time to make sure that we WILL see the day when something like this can never happen again. I am telling your story to everyone I can and it is heartening to see how many even non LGBT people condemn what the hospital did to you, Lisa and the children in your greatest time of need! It is truly unforgivable how they treated you and your family! I vow that I will not stop fighting this kind of injustice until one day when this kind of injustice becomes only a painful memory of a bigotry which no longer exists.

                I am so proud of you and the children and my heart and my prayers will always be with you.

                My husband and I were married on Feb 14th, 2005 in Niagara Falls Canada and I cannot even imagine how I would hold up under something like this. I pray that I would have the strength to do what you have done. My husband and I are planning a vacation to Europe come May and we are now putting our papers together for a Medical Power of Attorney. There will come a time when our marriage certificate alone will be enough to guarantee these basic RIGHTS but for now we have to do so much more to protect the ones we Love.

                I wish you and the children the best and if there is ever anything I can do, please let me know.

Sincerely Yours,

Allen & Samuel

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