it is near

time is near, two days to go

syndicated columnist said it well – so what if my name was “joe” 

would I hurt as deeply today if I was joe? and held her hand as she slipped 

from a coma to her soul leaving her body 

but 2 years it will be in 2 days, it is just like yesterday

i can close my eyes and feel, hear, smell all that happened from the ship “the Jewel”

the picture with Kelli, our family eating lunch – it’s is all branded on my mind, just like my 

tattoo with Lisa’s name on my ankle

life I have finally come to know life will never – ever be the same

took 2 years to know that, maybe I’m a slow learner

I still don’t always know what direction I should take

I know that when I have the energy to speak out publicly I do it, when I don’t I decline

my priority is and always will be the kids who all are very different souls in the last 2 years

I pray they don’t lose lisa’s soul within in them, please I pray

lisa, you are missed today as you were 2 years ago on president’s day

you are celebrated in our house and by many many other, including over the 45,000 that visit this site

lisa you are in our hearts, we love and miss you 


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