Friday the 13th

A beautiful sunny day, the eve of her 12th bday

a child who has weathered a gigantic storm of her young life

she is now taller than I – and other mom too

she is talented – plays tackle football and then does amazing pieces on her violin

she is so curious about the world, how lucky can I be?

to have been raising this beautiful soul with lisa since K was only 27 days only

picking out that little strawberry outfit to bring her home in, deciding how to spell her name

picking her middle name – because we knew she was ours forever

her brothers seeing her for the first time and sitting quickly on the floor to hold her, Michael only 7, David only 19months

both boys wanted to see her toes, each took of the little socks

those toes and feet are bigger than mine now

how fortunate we are, this will be her 3rd bday without Lisa, none of us let that slip our minds

taking our girl to see Lion King, touring production, she so wants to be on Broadway someday

she will be there I am sure

so preparing the mud pie for tonight, getting ready for the drive to Seattle and ordering the pizza

We only wish her happiness for her birthday.  

Happy 12th our little girl

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