leavin’ on a jet plane

Well it’s that time, kids are packed, I kind of am

I need to pack up the laptop so figured should update the blog before I have to shut down

we are off to Ft. Lauderdale for hopeful fun in the sun, meeting Jerry – the amazing man

and being a guest of honor at LAMBDA’s annual meeting.

Kids are going to an animal park in the everglades to see alligators 🙂

and I’m trying to arrange a  catamaran ride for monday  (lisa and I did that in Hawaii and it was our favorite experience)

we leave mid day tomorrow and return on Tuesday next week.

Danielle did amazing job in math this week – everyone received F’s, except 3 kids  – 2 who got c’s and one who got an A..  and yep that A when to our danielle.  WTG girl!



thanks to the buckley/martin’s watching the kitties for us.. daisy heads to the kennel 5 days and we would come home to a home that marley had attacked.

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