heart and soul

my mind and nerves are firing all over

unable to keep my mind on one thought, meeting Jerry and Maxine

as RO would say “spingle” – instant connections

he looks amazing, Maxine is wonderful – forever our lives are intertwined

lisa’s heart is in the best of soul’s

I couldn’t ask for a better keeper of lisa’s heart, thank you Jerry

thank you LAMBDA Legal for allowing this meeting to happen

the kids are in awe, i’m overwhelmed, and beyond grateful for tonight.

now time to polish my speech and get ready for tomorrow’s reception – being held at a historical park/house here in ft. lauderdale

with monkey’s apparently the families who owned it at the turn of the century brought them back from safari’s

think of hemmingway’s house with cats but this has monkeys – the kids will get the “behind the scenes tour” and feed the monkey their peanuts

the kids’ are most excited about this – even Danielle

how did I find ourselves to be so blessed out of such a tragedy, I can only think that Lisa is smiling on us, giving me the strength to speak out once again

once again we will be surrounded with her presence and the community of LAMBDA and the unwaivering support of our family since they 

came into our lives, i am humbled


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