saying a final goodbye

15 years ago.. we sat down to watch the new NBC drama ER

and so we were hooked, days before TIVO so we had to stay awake for 10pm

often she fell asleep with 10mins to go to leave me to cry at the final scenes

it was a standing date for us, since we rarely were able to go out alone b/c of childcare

so with what ever child(ren) we had safely tucked away for the night

we would watch from bed and fall in love with the doctors and ponder do doctors really care about their patients

like those portrayed on ER?

and fortunately there are many many like those on that show in real life and there exists those that

were like the ass Dr. Romono

so I will watch the Finale without my date tonight but not forget the time we did spend together, because even simple moments now are cherished

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