sunny day.. chasing the clouds away

a week ago at this moment we were meeting Jerry the keeper of Lisa’s heart

and now the sunshine has followed us back to WA state, thank goodness

trying to plan for the summer – july Rfamily Cruise again – how can we not?

football camp for David, Katie picking out an instrument for her new Magnet school as she continues in the search of her soul in music

still working on healing my head from the surgery, my PT – Dina always helpful as I deal with stretching muscles 

kids on spring break 2 of them for 2 weeks, oldest for one

relishing in the Iowa decision, and feeling sad the Catholic Bishops had to vilify it immediately, change comes slowly

so the sun is out, waiting for the vertigo to settle down so we can continue on with some yard work and planting flowers

our lisa would have been at Lowe’s at 6am and had the yard down by now, oh well I’m starting earlier than last year


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