10 years later

yesterday and today were very memorable days for me, our family and the country,

our last child, our oldest daughter was only 5 then, so tiny with her big brown eyes

she joined her forever family on 4/19/99.  we were so blessed to finally get the call that

michael’s sister needed a foster home too.  we waited 3 years for that day – especially lisa

after we swore to the judge that we were to raise her “as if we had given birth to her”

i went on to my neruologist to find out what the problem was – i had a suspicion,

my oldest sister had lived with multiple sclerosis the end of the 70’s/early 80’s

now i was to receive the same diagnosis.. somewhat devasting, just on the rise in my career field

still had a year to go to finish my second master’s degree.. second one while working full time,

supporting my wife, and full time school and clinical work. 

then the next morning while watching the Rosie O’Donnell Show

Tom Brokaw cut in and described the horror at Columbine,

all those lives changed, some lives cut so short, others altered forever

ten years has past,  i never thought i would be in the position i am in now

a widow, raising 3 kids alone, our oldest in 24/7 supervised care

not sure if i would have chosen the road i am on now if i had something to alter

but this is where we are at, so on we go


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