55 and light rain

“55 and light rain” – was always my answer when my oldest sis would call from Spokane and ask how the weather was

famous langbehn tradition, to start the phone call and end with “well this is costing you a bundle”

but I digress, awoke sunday may 3rd, after only a few hours of sleep – heading to nyc for the Lambda Legal Liberty Awards

I was only asked to speak at the awards, after LL board members and others heard me speak in ft. lauderdale – again humbled that our story resonates,

I am always nervous prior to speaking – for days infact – little sleep – and somehow I go to another place, in my mind, as I tell our family’s story

some days I relive it all, other days I can’t publicly

arrive in nyc to 55 and light rain on sunday after reading the Olympian before boarding and Venice’s wonderful article and Steve’s great photos

first name basis with the local paper – and they know the kids and I – is that normal?

no time to see a bdway show so order room service and try to fall asleep

monday the day of the awards – still raining, but so wanting to see the Maravel Center for RBK

so I took the trek in the rain from W. 52nd to W. 45th – may not seem like much for those not familiar with nyc but for me w/ MS it was a hike

to see what RO has done for the kids of NYC, I can only hope to make the world 1% better when I leave

Prepare for night – thinking Damn it takes a long time to blow dry even short hair – no wonder why I don’t do it – usually takes me 5 mins to get ready –

chris b. told me to put that in the post.. had her laughing about antics of putting on make-up – lip gloss on the shirt — had a back up thank goodness

arrive at the Chelsea piers early – Rick said to be there at 4 for a run through – only 2 steps to the stage. good deal – always terrified I am going to trip and fall

can you believe I am more nervous about that than speaking to 700+ people –

the VIP reception starts, so many recognize me – and I only know a few – but by the end of the night – support and love surrounds me

give my speech – planners say – they have never heard the dinner guests so silent – Standing O – and I get off the stage

to a big hug from Kevin C the ex director

my part is done, good company at the head table

bent the ear of Jamie, a State Rep for our local legislature covering parts of seattle

the Awards are given to Jeffrey – clothing designer and Marth Stark – who came to thank me for being so brave (such and odd feeling to have that said to me)

I don’t feel brave, I feel the opposite – cowardly at times b/c I didn’t break down the doors to get to Lisa – that is all for another day

Even Martha’s Aunt and Uncle searched me out after the dinner to thank me, sweet people – so many well wishers, I hope some have stopped by the blog

so I can say thank you again for all your support.  Thank you Lambda Legal – Lisa, Leslie, Rick, Adam, Kevin, Judi. and on and on and Don and Michael for coming up from Miami – so good to see you guys again. (forgive me if I forgot someone it’s 2am)

let us pray Judge Jordan rules wisely and soon. 

I flew home today – back to 55 and light rain – same, same, same


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