15 going on 16

I know the Sound of Music song used different years.. but really this is a major milestone for our oldest daughter.

First we just passed the 10yr anniversary of her adoption .. wow

thursday this week, she got her driver’s permit, help us all

and today I took her on her first long drive on the real roads.. making all right turns like the Temby’s used to do

built up her confidence until she could drive all the way to Waldorf to get her brother and sister.

she did great, I did great being a co pilot.  God has graced me with a child that knows nothing in life is easy or will

just be dropped in her lap.  She knows to live for each day because as she saw she could loose a mom in the blink of an eye

I think she is wise beyond her years in some respect and it shows in her photography.

take your wings, dear girl, yes your little sister will be jealous – but it’s a good thing you are setting the bar high

for her of where to be in 3 years when she is 15 going on 16.


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